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 The Azerbaijan Medical Association introduces www.azmed.az, a newly designed Web site that is easier to use, more interactive and importantly helpful. Our goal, with this web site, is to provide our members with a wealth of information related to their profession and the running of their practices. To the non-member, we hope you'll discover, through our web site how valuable Azerbaijan Medical Association (AzMA) is to medicine in Azerbaijan and will join us.

The AzMA is the independent, non-governmental, voluntary, membership association for physicians, residents and medical students who represent all medical specialties in Azerbaijan.

As the largest physician membership organization in Azerbaijan the AzMA devotes itself to representing the interests of physicians, protecting the quality of patient care   and  as  an indispensable association of busy professionals,  speaks out with a clear and unified voice to inform the general public and be heard in the highest councils of government.

We are funded by physician membership dues and other resources not by the Government.

Membership and participation in the AzMA are the keys to preserving the integrity and independence of physicians for their professional descendents centuries hence. Members can access a special area of the site designed to provide the most up-to-date, and timely information about organized medicine in our country.


Physicians and medical students who are not members can learn about the AzMA Membership and apply for   membership on-line. AzMA Membership allows our members to enter the Members’ Only sections of azmed.az    


You can gather information about the AzMA, or learn about AzMA’s historymission, goals and ongoing activities.

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AzMA Online is a place where physicians can strengthen the community of medicine. It is also a place that helps keep us focused on the two questions which should guide all of our professional decisions: is it good for the patient, is it good for medicine?

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